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Coins are offered in every currency conversion form for easy exchange including USD, KWD, INR, OMR and many more..
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Trillion USD


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Double profits while future being Secure

Digital currency means Safe Future

With the use of Digital De-centralized currency, your future is guaranteed for a safe and wealthy living using which you can fulfill all your dreams. Our currencies offer best of the security, value and ease of mind when it comes to exchanging, buying and selling your favorite products. Our coins can be used to exhange, buy and sell anything, literally anything whether it is buying or selling: property, cars, valuables such as Gold and other metals, including conversion of physical cash to digital currency; CryptexBlue supports all.






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Exchanging, Buying and Selling using CryptoCurrency is legal in India. Feel free.

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Coins for all currencies

Hassle free coin exchange for any commodity whether a property, cash, gold, car or even business

Easy and fast credit

Get your coins credited in just 5 minutes into your CryptexBlue Wallet.

No additional papers

Documents are required only for property, vehicle exchange. For cash and gold, no additional paperwork is required.

Secure financial services

Your transactions are safe and private with us. All your information is kept in a secure digital vault.

Best investments

Double income on every commodity exchange with CryptexBlue. Guaranteed future high returns on resale.

One source Transaction

Coins are purchased and sold only through CryptexBlue. Personal transactions are impossible hence highly secure.